Rotterdam Films

Rijneke & van Leeuwaarden

Kunst, Koek En Koffie (Art, Cookies And Coffee)

Dirk Rijneke


A film about three artists from Rotterdam. The problem of the artist, who has the peculiar habit to walk in front, is well known. The problem is his very much feared isolation.The artist is contstantly trying to get out of that isolation. By publishing, by exposing, by standing on a stage etcetera.

Van Persie, Kraat and Citroen thought of something else. They thought of the direct confrontation and a possibility to spy on the interest. They hung their art on a public wall on the street. What would happen? Would the art be watched, stolen, besmeared, or, worst of all, would nothing happen?

Of course something did happen.


16 mm, 60 min, colour

Production: Rotterdam Films/Rijneke & Van Leeuwaarden

Script, camera, director: Dirk Rijneke

Music: Jozef Kip Quartet, Rondo’s, Tändstickorshocks

Sound: Mildred van Leeuwaarden

Cast: Cor Kraat, Hans Citroen, Levine Dazler, Jules Deelder

Festivals: Rotterdam

Broadcasted by VPRO television