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A Short Story About Nothing

Alejandro Agresti


The protaganist in BUENOS AIRES dreams himself a macho life: he is the greatest Don Juan of the southern hemisphere. Sitting alone on his bed at night he realises that his tragedy is that his self-styled hero’s part can’t be shared with others, only sparking off envy.

Alejandro Agresti, born 1961, began to work for the cinematographic industry of Argentina making shorts, when he was sixteen years old. His first feature EL HOMBRE QUE GANO LA RAZON was finished in 1985 in the Netherlands, where he lived for some years. His films have been shown in the special programme ‘A Certain Regard’ in Cannes and the ‘Young Forum’ in Berlin. They were awarded at the filmfestival of San Sebastian and the Utrecht Filmdays.


35 mm, 11 min., colour