Rotterdam Films

Rijneke & van Leeuwaarden

Best Foot Forward

Karel Doing


In a colourful and multi-cultural street in Rotterdam, we meet a couple; Claes and Anja. They are on the point of taking several important decisions, but it is not easy for them. Their conflict increases so much that Anja can’t stand it any more. Their roads are separating.

Claes seems to slip away into a kind of nightmare in which images from the past and the future merge. Literally and metaphorically he is standing at a very confusing crossroad where he faces his deepest fears and desires. An enigmatic series of incidents develops before his eyes. He loses his grip on the world around him and is strangely neglected by various passers-by.

His previous desperation changes when a particularly happy moment of his life appears before his mind’s eye. He breaks away from his nightmare…


S16 mm, 21 min, colour.

Director: Karel Doing

Production: Rotterdam Films

Executive producer: Hefbrug Koningshaven

Producers: Dirk Rijneke and Mildred van Leeuwaarden

Camera: Vladas Naudzius

Camera assistent: Denny Smits

Technical supervisor: Rob Sandifort

Aaton A-Minima camera: Dirk Rijneke

Sound: Christine van Roon

Sound design: Charly van Rest

Music: David Spaans

Head of production: Mildred van Leeuwaarden

Production staff: Hedi D. Legerstee, Vanessa Vloemans, Kerstin Isenbeck

Special guest appearance: Ted Langenbach

Cast: Irma Nijenhuis, Eric de Vroedt