Rotterdam Films

Rijneke & van Leeuwaarden

City Limits

Carla Mulder


The room is a chaos, strewn with clothes. A video camera is standing like an obstacle in the middle. On a monitor to one side, we see shots of New York. Then the woman leafs through a photo album filled with figures you could run into the streets of New York. Paintings on the wall portray screaming people. The woman breaks out in cold sweat. She has reached the limits of urban life in a room only a few feet square.

Carla Mulder studied at the New York Film Academy. She incorporated her experiences in the city in City Limits. In it, she expresses the emotions of a woman in a hotel room confronted by many intense impressions from television and other media.


16 mm, 6 min, b/w

Script and director: Carla Mulder

Production: Rotterdam Films/Rijneke & Van Leeuwaarden, New York Film Academy

Screenplay: Carla Mulder

Cinematography: Dimitri Falk

Editing: Carla Mulder and Dirk Rijneke

Sound: Mildred van Leeuwaarden

Festivals: Rotterdam (Main Program), Utrecht, Semana De Cine Experimental Madrid, Alternativa Film Festival Barcelona