Rotterdam Films

Rijneke & van Leeuwaarden

Falling into Paradise

Milos Radovic


A black comedy. Lubi, King of the black market turns mad. He is looking for trouble with everybody. He tries to take down an AWACS Boeing and believes he succeeded when he sees a paratrooper in the sky. He sets out to take the survivor as a hostage. Finally they join forces and conceive the plan to kill Slobodan Milosovic.


35mm, 90 min, colour

Director: Milos Radovic

With: Jovana Milovanovic, Olivera Markovic, Nicola Pejakovic

Producers: Antoine de Clermont Tonnerre

Co Producers: Dirk Rijneke & Mildred van Leeuwaarden, Erik Schut

Camera: Piotr Kukla

Co-production partners: Neue Impuls Filmproduktionsgesellschaft (Hamburg), MACT Productions (Paris), Rotterdam Films and Rocketta Film (Nederland)

Supported by: Filmförderung Hamburg, Degeto Film GMBH, FondSud, CNC, Canal +, VPRO television, Dutch Film Fund, Rotterdam Film Fund, Zillion Films, Eurimages

World sales: TF1, France

This film will be distributed theatrically and broadcast on television throughout Europe and the rest of the world.