Rotterdam Films

Rijneke & van Leeuwaarden

Huize Schoonderloo

Dirk (Dick) Rijneke


From their premises, Huize Schoonderloo, the artists’ collective K.K. Dubio fights The System’. They publish a magazine, Raket (Rocket), they have their own music label and are part of the punk group The Rondo’s. They used to have quite a following among youngsters. The film portrays the first punk generation in Rotterdam.


16 mm, 60 min, colour

Production: Rotterdam Films/Rijneke & Van Leeuwaarden

Script, camera, director: Dirk Rijneke

Music: Jozef Kip Quartet, Rondo’s, Tändstickorshocks

Sound: Mildred van Leeuwaarden

Cast: Cor Kraat, Levine Dazler, Jules Deelder, Rondo’s: Allie Altena / Wim ter Weele / Rien Faber / John van de Weert/ Ronnie Roteb / Ton de Koning

Festivals: Rotterdam

Broadcasted by VPRO television