Rotterdam Films

Rijneke & van Leeuwaarden

Ik Hou Het Wel Voor Gezien

Dirk Rijneke (Hans de Ridder)


A portrait of a contemporary, artist and drug user.

The movie follows Gaby Derkinderen, a 24 year old young man who’s time is constantly occupied by supplying his addiction but could have become more in life. But the question is moot and cannot be posed since thirty years ago. Gaby died even before the premiere of the movie.
Gaby Derkinderen is the central figure in this story. He is a boy seen by others as a derelict and a patient. That he is, but he is also very open and vulnerable. Gaby has talent, he is a musician, he writes and paints. But he cannot maintain himself.

The movie shows that not much happens in the life of the 24 year old GARY. As a matter of fact, little happens in most lives.

I TAKE IT FOR GRANTED is oppressive through the recognizable feelings not uttered by ourselves because of the fear for the consequences. But Gaby gave up. Just after the films’ completion he died in the clinic where he was tended. In this movie he tells us why he does not mind that very much.

Short documentary shot at a period in time that making a non-moralizing portrait of a drug addict was something new. Through careful and timeless black and white registration and the respectful interest of the filmmakers, the result is not only a beautiful historic document, but has aged well and can still impart a meaningful message.

During the Arnhem Filmweek (a precursor of the Netherlands Film Festival, Rijneke and de Ridder won the Biliton/van der Rijn award for young Dutch film makers. Later on this film was also awarded at Chicago and Oberhausen.


16 mm , 30 min, b/w, also available on digibeta

script, camera and production: Dirk Rijneke

director: Dirk Rijneke

co-director: Hans de Ridder

music: Gaby Derkinderen

sound and editing: Hans de Ridder

cast: Gaby Derkinderen