Rotterdam Films

Rijneke & van Leeuwaarden

Over De Brug

Hans Keller


Starting point of this documentary is ‘De Brug’, the film that Joris Ivens made in 1928. It was about the then brandnew railway bridge ‘Hefbrug Koningshaven’ over the river the Maas between the Noordereiland (Northern island) and the south of Rotterdam. Ivens called his 10 minutes long experimental film a study of movement.

Meanwhile, this lift-bridge, as well as the film ‘De Brug’ itself, became magical monuments in modern culture history. How and why that happened is revealed in Keller’s film.

The film is based on ‘De Brug’, and on the lift-bridge itself, and on interviews with Joris Ivens and with people who met and worked with him.

A laboratory of observations, movements, wrong tracks, memories, questions and possible answers.


16 mm, 60 min, colour

Director: Hans Keller

Production: VPRO television

Camera: Dirk Rijneke

Sound: Mildred van Leeuwaarden