Rotterdam Films

Rijneke & van Leeuwaarden


Rijneke & de Ridder


A documentary about urban renewal ,commissioned by the City of Rotterdam.

An informative film, made for people who hardly knew what urban renewal is. The film consists of three parts. After the introduction, where the escape from the city is under discussion, the decay of the city is dealt with. Next, the concept livability is pictured and then there is an explanation about urban renewal.

The film shows why urban renewal was very necessary at the time. The old neighbourhoods were neglected for years. Nailed up windows, decaying houses, large open holes, rubbish, ruins, chaos and misery were daily inconvenience. The images are supported by comments of inhabitants of the neighbourhood, who accuse the government of letting the old neighbourhoods pauperize on purpose. As a contrast, modern buildings in the centre of Rotterdam are shown. The film tried to draw the inhabitants into the discussions about urban renewal and gain their trust.

Since the film was made as an introduction to urban renewal, no technical or organizational issues are under discussion. It was part of an information package, presented to the inhabitants of Rotterdam.


16 mm, 50 min, colour

Director: Hans de Ridder

Camera: Dirk Rijneke

Production: Rijneke en de Ridder Filmprodukties

Screened at community centres in and outside of Rotterdam