Rotterdam Films

Rijneke & van Leeuwaarden

‘t Wordt Toch Niks

Stella Voorst van Beest


A love song about (the meaning of) everyday life in Rotterdam, sung by five inhabitants of the city. The central theme is the daily gripes, the moans and critical analysis that the citizens of Rotterdam subject their city to. The Rotterdammer complains about his city so much because he loves it so much.

In this film, five inhabitants of Rotterdam are portrayed in their everyday lives. They ventilate their grievances about and declare their love for the city.

Bas sells souvenirs and is unhappy the city promotes so much but offers so little. That’s not what attracts tourists.

Hennie, a former trucker, has been living at the Bergse Achterplas in Rotterdam for the last few years. The drug-troubles in his street make him decide to leave after 40 years. Hennie still visits the city and his old neighbourhood regularly.

Mister Hooymayers is fighting the depravity of his street. He keeps an eye on everything and takes measures whenever he doesn’t like something.

Despite all the misery, Dirk never ever wants to leave his area (“but it won’t get much worse probably”). At Willem’s, the hairdresser where Dirk’s beard is regularly cut, old (former) neighbours come in for a chat and the last neighbourhood news.

Cor has his own ideas. The sewer worker prefers to be underground, where at least he won’t be troubled with traffic jams.

It’s Not Gonna Work gives a view of the mentality of the world’s largest port.


S16 mm, 32 min, colour.

Director: Stella van Voorst van Beest

Cinematography: Dirk Rijneke

Production: Rotterdam Films

Producers: Dirk Rijneke & Mildred van Leeuwaarden

Sound: Christine van Roon, Bruna Perraro

Music: Lukas Simonis

Head of production: Mildred van Leeuwaarden

Production staff: Hedi D. Legerstee, Vanessa Vloemans, Kerstin Isenbeck