Rotterdam Films

Rijneke & van Leeuwaarden

The Ball Room

Rijneke & van Leeuwaarden


Late night, near a column in an almost empty ball-room, somewhere in the world. A decayed spa hotel near the coast, which Johan and Marianne visited twenty two years earlier. Now they have become lovers again. They had dinner, a long discussion about their lives started. They are both slightly affected by the dinner and the wine. Johan has gone off to get another bottle. A waitress is clearing the tables. Music can be heard from another room.


HI8, 4’12”, colour

Initiative: The European Film Academy (Monika Reif-Vizier), Berlin, in co-operation with The Felix Meritis Foundation, Amsterdam and the Dutch Film Fund, supported by the MEDIA Programme of the European Union, Brussels, and The Senator for Cultural Affairs, Berlin.

Camera: Dirk Rijneke

Actors: Shaun Lawton, Dulcie Smart