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The Last Boat

Béla Tarr


The city of BUDAPEST is running empty. The last inhabitants leave the city, an evocation of the mood of the Hungarian people, balancing on the edge of a totally new society. The yoke of communism has been shed, the temptations of capitalism are luring.

about the director

Béla Tarr was born in Pécs in 1955, Southern Hungary. A student in the Budapest Academy of Theatre and Film Art since 1977, an amateur filmmaker since he was 16 and winner of several amateur filmprizes, he was admitted to membership of Béla Balász Studio of young filmmakers. There he made his first feature film FAMILY NEST in 1977. He is a regular guest of the Rotterdam Film Festival and the Young Forum in Berlin. He was nominated for the Felix in 1989.


35 mm, 31 min., colour