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Cinema Architecture - Bridgekeeper from Dirk Rijneke

October 27, 2018

Itinerant Movies – De Brugwachter (Bridgekeeper) Dirk Rijneke

Guest speakers: Dirk Rijneke and Mildred van Leeuwaarden (Rotterdam Films)
Tue 30 Oct ’18 – Film 21:00


Cinema Architecture at WORM

The Open City likes to play with ideas round boundaries and restrictions, whether cultural, physical or mental. We are delighted therefore to announce a new programme; Cinema Architecture 2018: Itinerant Movies.

The selected films are entirely shot along waterways all over the world. These navigations aim to connect distant moments, sites and places suggesting a cinematic voyage to the film spectator that moves along an imaginary path.

Sailing along the Maas river by boat, moving across New York in a limousine or flying over the Robert Smithsons Spiral Jetty in a helicopter channels the perception of the landscape in a linear way: what is left behind is the known territory, what lies ahead is the unknown. Through this process the space is revealed to the spectator gradually, building up their own memories, associations, expectations, creating their own mental map on the way.

Deconstructing and reconstructing the architectural space depicted in the film engages the spectator in an active process of discovery.

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Dirk Rijneke (Rotterdam Films) will introduce his film Bridgekeeper (1996), that focuses on the life at work of Arie de Weerd, the last Bridge keeper of De Hef. The event will start with two short films: The Bridge (Joris Ivens, 1928) and Bridges (Dirk Rijneke, 1996).

Film #5: De Brugwachter (Bridgekeeper) Dirk Rijneke, 1996
Guest speakers: Dirk Rijneke and Mildred van Leeuwaarden (Rotterdam Films)

Right where Joris Ivens realised his study of mechanical movement, De Brug, in 1928, is where the bridge keeper of the Koningshaven Hefbrug now sits; high above the city and the river Maas, spending the last working days in his abode. Fixed to the side of the bridge, like a parasite, is a small steel cabin. Next to it is an engine room full of old-fashioned generators, chains the size of a man’s wrist and pulleys of almost three metres thick. The cabin, the bridge masters headquarter, is quietly decorated. The house of a frugal man. The Bridge keeper’s contacts with the outside world are sporadic. From his worn leather armchair (like a throne in a glass aquarium), the Bridge keeper admires the view. Inevitably the day approaches when the bridge will become obsolete.

The Bridge (De Brug, 1928; silent film)
A Dutch documentary where Joris Ivens realised his study on mechanical movement. The film explores the newly constructed Rotterdam railroad bridge, its structure and the vertical-lift mechanism, and the steam-powered trains and ships making use of it.

Bridges (Bruggen, 1996; silent film with added music)
A farewell to the industrial monument of De Hef. The film was specially compiled for the opening of the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam.


Source: Trailer Bridgekeeper

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